Back Dues

A business runs on experience, inventory and service. Lots of other incidental items enter the picture but these three catch most everything.

I have always treated people as I would want to be treated. An example of this is that many times, I send items out with just an invoice rather than sending them out COD with its additional cost and hassle.

I don't like COD's since they add $ 4.75 to the total and oftimes, take so much longer since UPS can not just leave them on the backporch. This often adds a day or two if you aren't there to pay.

This page is dedicated to catching up on the back dues. If you see a friends name in here, take a minute to remind them , that paying for shipments is the only way I can maintain my inventory at proper levels.

Prior to placing names on this page, I have written a letter to the person with a copy of the original invoice, noting the dates or I've tried to call them to remind them of the Back Dues. I won't place anyones name here that is making reasonable attempts at paying their bills.

This is going to be fun. I may never get the money but I'll get the satisfaction of knowing that others have learned from my mistakes. There is a lot to be learned when running a business that has nothing to do with the products being sold. How to get people to pay for what they get. This whole section may be the lesson that teaches you 'how to not run a business'.

I'm no expert but I've learned a lot from my customers. Most are very honest and graetly appreciate the experience I can relate, the time I spend helping them with problems and the fact that I try to sell things for a price that I would like to pay.

Well, here goes,,,,,,,,

The first in a short list of deadbeats is Dan Mattsen