The Basket Case Gets Going

Well, the engine is all apart. Lots of minor problems, at least to me they are minor.

The rings are stuck really bad, and will require some care in their removal. The engine was in dire need of a teardown based on this alone.

While I did not check the timing prior to disassembly, the points and condensors will go back in as-is. There is no need to replace them. Just set the gap and the timing properly.

Much more important is the polishing of the cam on the crank and relubricating it. This is the prime reason points go bad. They just plain wear enough that they can't be set anymore.

An overall observation is that the engine has a lot of pitting and corrosion on it.

This picture shows the rings solidly stuck in the grooves. The top ring is sort of free but too much carbon to work well. A stuck bottom ring will make starting extremely difficult since it is required to seal to get the crankcase compression sufficient to fire. Once the engine fires, then the top ring will assist in developing the power.

Other minor problems is that all the studs came out rather than the head nuts coming off the studs. A little more work during reassembly but it was expected. The studs and the nuts are rusted pretty tight togeteher.

An importanrt reason to disassemble what you may consider a 'perfectly good engine' is shown in the next picture. The solid coupler places a lot of high loads on the rear crank bearings. The previous segment noted the clicking noise when the crank was slowly turned.

The following picture shows the end of the rear ballbearing on the crankshaft. The balls are all on one side due to gravity. This does NOT support the crank very well,,,,,

There was a plastic spacer located around the bearing and the balls were evenly spaced when the bearing was new. I will remove both the rear bearings and replace them with new ones. A flex coupler will also be installed to reduce or eliminate this ever happening again.

Well, time to get the bead blaster going and clean all this stuff up for reassembly. May have to work late tonight to get this puppy back together !!

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