The Basket Case Gets Going

Lots of custom sewing made for a much better looking sail than the solid white that was originally with the plane. The stars and stripes motif is popular and fit the solid white beginnings well.

The parts were cut apart amd large sections were presewn for insertion in the completed sail. this represents a bit m,more efort than doing it in the first place, but the results are worth the trouble and time. Here is a shot of the rudder and the wing insert on the sewing table.

Here is a shot of the wing cut into segments just prior to inserting the stars panel.

Here is a picture of the wing sail on the sail table following insertionof the stars and stripes panel.

Assembly went pretty quickly after the tail parts and the wings were finished. Here is a shot of the engine and trike asembly.

A couple final pictures are shown below

My thanks go to those who helped with the painting and final the assembly where extra hands are appreciated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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