The Basket Case Gets Going

I have completed the 4 degree wire set for the Sprint/Sport double kingpost models whch will also fit my shorty trike.

It is time to get going on the project plane for the winter. As you may remember, this was a pile of parts that to me looked like a disassembled Quicksilver MX. To anyone else, it would look like 50 cents a pound at the local salvage yard. It is dificult to see beyond the few rusted bolts and faded tubes to evaluate a plane such as this. I usually recommend that anyone that is uncomfortable with rebuilds buy only flying planes. At least they should be flying the day of the purchase. This avoids the missing part problems which can be expensive.

A customer of mine has mailed me some paint. It approximates the color and look of the anodized aluminum on a new MX. We have painted all the tubes to reassemble the trike portion of the MX. Here is a picture of the parts following cleaning and painting.

Another showing the tubes

A primary concern when buying a used plane is the condition of the engine. I have some shots of the 377 which is still on the root tube. The first shot shows the rear of the engine.

Another of the front

Here is a closeup showing the oxidation from sitting outside uncovered for many years.

I expect to find a bearing or two needing replaced at the aft end of the crank. While this is the larger of the two solid couplers supplied by Quicksilver, it is hard on the rear bearings of the engine. Any out-of-straightness of the two foot long shaft will require the engine to follow a corkscrew path with the rear bearings taking severe loads whilst doing so.

Another area where there may be some problems is the rear of the root tube where the three bearings for the drive and belts are located. The adjusting bolts are rusty indicating there may be some bearing problems too. Rust will creep under the bearing seals making them subject to early failure.

Another area where there is ususally trouble is the exhaust port. these rings are fairly well stuck on the piston, have been sealing poorly and the blowby below the lower ring is clearly evident in this picture.

I will be rebuilding the engine and taking pictures of the possible problems mentioned above if they show up. Wish me luck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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