For Sale Stuff as of Jan 2007

There are several sails available and pictures and descriptions follow,,,,,,,,

These sets are new and in stock, prepay and I'll pay the shipping charges,,,,,,,,

Sport I ,,,,,,,,,,,sail is grey with red, orange and neon yellow trim, tail parts are all double surface and have been assembled for fit, never flown, your choice of long or short ailerons, some new short tube parts are required to properly stiffen the extra surface, these are included in the price, shown is a picture of the rudder 1650

MX ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sail is black with grey and hot pink trim, full length and double battens, 950

MX Super ,,,,,,,,,,sail is all custom for building an MX Super, the aerobatic plane offerred one year, 1984 by Quicksilver, sail is gold with red and orange trim stripes in wing and rudder, 1500

GT 400 , sail is red with black trim, extra battens, 1650

MX ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sail is blue with yellow and lime trim colors, clipped, double battens, qualified, complete set with tapered stab and matching ailerons,,,,,, priced to sell at 950, but it and add the ailerons later, no spoiler pockets,,,,,,,,,,, After buying out several dealers over the years, I have accumulated numerous Quicksilver sail pieces and also a few of my own sail parts. The se are either new or installed and not flown, as noted.

Starting with ailerons, I have a set of factory purple with gap selas if needed for 125,

A blue right aileron, new full length

A pair, factory red aileron kit, includes glue-on gap seal for the wing, 150

A set of black ailerons, 125

Several sets of yellow factory length ailerons, 125 a set or 70 each

Elevator covers as follows,,,,,,,,,,,,

left orange, 40

a pair of blue, installed but not flown, 75

a blue right installed but not flown, 35

a right black cover, 35

a pair of white, imstalled but not flown, 70

a pair of blue, factory new, 85

A few weight shift rudder covers as follows,,,,,,,,

blue, new, 40

white with blue, yellow and lime trim, 45

I have a whole bunch of the rectanhular stab covers, all are new and priced to sell at 35 each,,,,,,,,,

colors are blue, red, black, brown, tan bark,white, more reds and more blue ones,,,,,,,,,,,

also available, same price are some fancy ones,,,,,,,,nlue with a yellow/lime panel and another with blue and a trim panel of red, orange and yellow,,,,,,,

lots of rudder covers too,,,,,,,,,,

white with gold, yellow and lime trim for 45

red w/black and yellow trim, 45

yellow w/red,white and blue trim, 45

black w/ red, yellow gold trim 45

black w/ red, orange and gold trim, 45

blue and gold panels, 45

blue w/ red, yellow and orange trim, 45

yellow w/ red striping,45

yellow and black, 45

udder with red, bright orange and yellow trim, 85

rudder, black with red, orange and gold trim, 85

stab cover, old style rectangular, 30

aileron, right blue, 85

stab, old style rectangular, 30

elevator halves, two available, rights, 35 each

stab cover, tapered, yellow, new but a bit dirty, 65

stab covers, two, old style rectangular, brown 30 each

stab cover, custom with trim stripes, blue with red, orange and yellow trim at tips, 50

rudder, weightshift, all blue, 50

rudder, factory screen print logo, gold over blue,65