Parts and Details The following are many of the small changes I make to the quicksilvers that I service and personally fly. These kits are available for sale, shipping via UPS or the USPS.

Bent Balance Strut ---------- The original balance strut, the small tube at the front of the rudder, was originally a straight tube. With lower dihedral wires, it may contact the upper tail wires, so a bent one is available. It is only compatable with the factory rudder stiffener plate or my larger rudder plate stiffener kit.

It requires cutting of the rudder frame at the front lower end, and possibly installing the small or my larger rudder plate kit. The kit contains the tube only as the front end connectors are reused, and the rudder plate kit attaches it at the rudder vertical .

Cost is 8 dollars

Rudder Plate Kit --------- The front and rear portions of the rudder need to be in line with each other to offer a neutral trim. If the front portion can swing sideways relative to the larger aft portion due to the small rudder plates from the factory, or worse, the small bolt holding the front compression strut and the aft balance strut, trim will vary as the rudder flatness varies.

My large plate kit requires the above balance tube change, and if the older vertical tube, that two 3/16 holes be drilled in the vertical tube. Directions and dimensions are inluded in the kit.

The kit positively aligns the front and rear portions of the rudder.

Cost is 14 dollars and includes the plates and all the bolts

Rudder Brace Kit -------- The rudder brace kit containes four wires and triangulates the top of the rudder and the bottom od the tail skid. It greatly stifens the rudder sideways, and reduces the effects of airspeed on bending the rudder to the side when large inputs are made.

Only the very early MXs will require any drilling as the rudder vertical tube has the upper hole from the factory already. Installation requires installing the wires on existing bolts.

My kit is superior to the other kits available including the factory original kit supplied on the MX Super. The Super kit had loose parts that were expensive when lost. The other kit on the market has no provision for assembly other than using three hands,,,,,,,,,,,,,

During hard rudder inputs, the air flow tends to bend the rudder to the side, making the effort to turn the rudder much harder tha necessary. The stiffer rudder will offer more rudder effect for less deal pressure amaking hard rudder almost a thing of the past.

Cost is 53 dollars including instructions and all parts

Elevator Rod End Kit ----- A high wear point on the quicksilver is the elevator horn. I have seen the hole worn such that less than a 1/16 inch of material remained to keep the push-pull tube from falling off the horn.

Replacing the horn has been the only fix and they run over 30 dollars. My kit allows replacement of the factory clevis with a large rod end, thus making the rod end itself the wear point rather than the horn itself.

There are two versions of the kit available. The first fits the older one piece push-pull control planes. The horn id drilled out to 5/16 inch for the rod end and the adapeter is bolted into the elevator control tube. Cost is 19 dollars The second version is for the newer planes with the two piece push-pull system. This system has the pivot tube on the rear axle and a two piece control tube.

This kit replaces the clevis as with the first kit but includes an extesnion tube and instructions on how to upgrade the entire system for better elevator control.

Cost is 29 dollars