This page will list all the miscellaneous items that I post to the newsgroup and the fly-ul pages.

It will be upgraded pretty often as new projects start, reach milestones and get finished up.

The following is a list of URLs that relate to flying but have never been directly accessible from my webpage headers,,,,,,,,,,, They have lots of odd info on a variety of topics, so just scan them all for that special bit of info that might keep you out of trouble,,,,,,,,,


To see the American General and a short discussion of typical upgrades for your two place click here


For a general listing of the many upgrade kits I offer, click here

NPRM Comments

For my comments to the sport pilot NPRM, click here

Off Field Landing

For a discussion of my one and only off-field landing done on purpose, click here

Rudder Assembly

If you are assembling a quicksilver rudder, this section will offer some possible upgrades and the little secrets that help the assembly along the first segment, click here

Starter Re Assembly

If you are assembling a Rotax starter, this section will offer some possible secrets that help the assembly. Proper winding of the rope is the tricky part. click here


This section shows a reseal of a 503 with some discussion of shipping engines, click here


One of the more recent projects involved rebuilding an MX that had sat outside for several years. This plane was hauled from Ohio back here for a customer and the rebuild is well on the way.
Many small problems were found as the rebuild progressed and they are documented here.
As the project started in the winter and will not end until summer, work has been sporadic as time permits. It will be flying this spring though so keep checking back for where we are on this one.

For the first segment, click here

Dihedral Change

I spent the Christmas vacation doing a project that I have wanted to do for several years, and that is to reduce the dihedral of the Sprint / Sport quicksilvers by about half. I had done this change on the double kingpost two-place planes and was very pleased with the better control response.

For the series showing the development of the wires, click here


For those of you with an older Quicksilver, there are few people that can answer questions about service and
maintenance items. This next section has more than you really want to know about repairing our tube and fabric planes.

The first section deals with wire questions, the second discusses tubing problems. the third section has some questions on sails and sail materials.

For the first group of questions, click here
For the second group, click here
For the third group, click here
For the fourth group, click here


Many years ago, I had a call from a lawyers assistant up in Indianapolis. He wanted to discuss a client of theirs case with me, and in person.
I had never been sued or even considered the possibility up until then.

Click here to see how to deal with lawyers


Over the years, I have had a desire to better the quicksilver design if I could. The kingpost has been a source of trouble getting into some low hangars that admit the typical GA planes.
The newer double kingpost is somewhat lower than the original single kingpost models, but with the advent of the aft mounted engines, a major revision can be made in the overall height.

Click here for a the latest quick developments


A new section is included here for reference by people needing either complete sails or just some sail pieces.

These sails are new unless otherwise noted, have the full support of TSKS for fit and function.

Some of the pieces are made by the factory and are leftover from either a complete sail set that for some reason has been parted out, or as parts that are not used from a factory sail set such as the rectangular stab, long ailerons, etc.

Often, we make a sail for stock or to see how some various colors may look together. Some are done because we have seen sails that caught our eye and we have copied the patterns.

The list is presented here,,,,,,,,,,,,,the contact email is andy@trikite.com and tom@trikite.com.

I will hold them for a week before re-offering them, so some may be on reserve or sold, I doubt that I will upgrade this list for just one or two pieces being sold though.

Click here for a the sail stuff for sale


I have designed a Project Plane, that encompasses many of the changes I've made to the Quicksilver line of planes over the years. This latest one is being offered for sale for a price of 10,000 dollars, FOB mt Vernon.
The evolution of this plane started with a plane called 'Shorty' and progressed to the finished product. The overall height is a bit over 9 feet so it fits a few places the stock MX or Sprint will not go.

Click here to see the Project Plane development


Another plane that was sort of an R and D project is the Taper Wing. This plane was designed to offer the utmost in easy aileron control, rigid airframe, plenty of room for real people, and a really nice ride for a training plane. It ended up a bit to nice so i don't use it for regular lessons. It does get flown for the overload days when a lot of students show up.

Here are a couple pictures of it

Picture 1
Picture 2

Titan Rebuild

A recent project was repairing a Titan Tornado that had run off my runway. A pictorial shows the repairs and some other problem resolved during the rebuild.

Click here to see the Titan Rebuild Project

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