The MX Super

My first and only original MX Super kit was purchased in July of 1984. These kits were only sold for a very limited period of time. About 70 were sold and mostly to dealers as their own personnal plane. Mine went to a customer.

It arrived just prior to Osh Kosh that year. I was missing the sail which was to be red. I assembled what I could before leaving for Osh Kosh and upon my return, the sail was here.

My kit was the first kit which contained the single large Tillotson carb rather than the two smaller dual carbs. It was about the same power and a lot less trouble with the leakage and linkage problems.

It was assembled fairly stock. I did install the wheelpants, pilot fairing and instruments which were all standard on this plane. I test flew it prior to any of the accessories being installed and really liked the handling of the shorter wing. The 503 was a little peppier with the larger bore carb than the single carb 503 's I was getting used to. I was impressed with the two large bundles of ribs with the kit. My first thought was that they sent twice as many as required. Not so ! The wing had double pockets top and bottom. The lower rib was similar to a flattened MX rib. This small but noticeable camber allowed great sustained inverted flight.

The original owner did loops and spins but stayed fairly well in the positive flight envelope. Not until the second owner did the plane get a thorough workout. This new owner would make any aerobatic pilot cry with the low level aerobatics done in this plane. Outside loops and sustained inverted flight are his favorites. He routinely flies for miles inverted just to see the reaction of others as he flies along side at three or four hundred feet. He has entertained many of the areas airshows with his plane and there likely are many GA pilots that dropped their jaw and many more others that don't believe the stories told about the ultralight that flies like a 'Pitts".

Several aspects of the MX Super were pleasant surprises. The rigidity of the plane was very noticeable. This is in large part due to the large diameter wires used on the wing. The shorter wing with the extra sleeving also plays a part. I now offer large diameter wires for all the Quicksilver models. I also offer clip wing MX sails at no additional charge as well as using .058 wall tubing for spars rather than the factory thickness of .049.

Another feature that I really likes was the shoulder harnes assembly. It felt very comforting during rough weather to have that harness restraining you in the seat. It didn't take aerobatics to convince me that a shoulder harness is a needed item in an ultralight.

The factory discontinued the MX Super along with the entire MX line just prior to the end of 1984. I had several people want MX Supers and since they were not available from the factory, I built some. This one stayed around the area and local fly-ins often had two MX Supers in the air, doing loops and spins and inverted flight, etc.

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