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This page lists several photos of planes , accessories, new designs mentioned in the other sections and a picture of me!

The pride of the Quicksilver line is the GT 500. It has more attributes than many GA airplanes. Mine has electric elevator trim, rudder trim, electric flaps, a super nice intercom and a 618 Rotax engine. My grey GT was actually used during the certification testing of the GT 500 by the FAA.

I trained for three years in one of my newest motor mount designs. The motor is mounted under the root tube in the rear with a gear box. The plane shown here is a 503 DC powered MX II PLUS.

In late 1989, I built a very special plane for a longtime local flyer. It was state of the art at the time, with 1 degree wires(lower dihedral), a double batten sail, top mounted engine with a gear box and wheels with the large wheel pants.

Over the years, I've had problems with obtaining parts just as some of you have. Parts are the backbone of any airplane. The lack of parts will surely ground a given brand in a year or two at best. My parts business, although not advertised, is rather brisk to say the least. This photo shows some of the many parts in stock made by Tri-State Kite Sales.

If you read the other sections on redesigns I've made over the years, perhaps the most amazing to most people is the under the root tube engine mount. It is made of chromoly steel and replaces a good section of the root tube, landing gear downtubes and seat support tube. The trailing edges also attach to this frame.

Dealing with so many people over the phone sometimes seems rather impersonnal. I've included a picture of me so if you see me at Sun and Fun, stop me and say "hi."

My nephew has been working with me for years doing fiberglass molding. He is rather good at it and has ongoing contracts with several of the larger manufacturers. I've included a shot of his wheelpants here.      Smitty's Fabrication, Inc

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.

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